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Shouts of Praise!!

Thanks to all the wonderful folks who supported the efforts of our new paint and accessories on the outside and our newly remodeled inside . Your prayers, financial giving and labor to get it accomplished has been and will always be a blessing.


 If your vision is to take the Gospel around the world you can still join in on the "Go Ye" project, as we currently work to take the Gospel to all the world through the different venues of media.

To get involved with any PowerHouse project just click on the Donate Button above, enter in the amount you desire to sow, in the comments section inform us of the project you want to partner with. We will be sure to update you on our progress. Thank You and may God greatly bless you and your household!


To order click on the "add to cart" tab and complete all prompts or contact:
Donnie Hartzog / Pastor
Church Phone: (423) 487-5551

Note: All sermons are available on CD if otherwise posted, please email for more info.

This two part series teaches you on the Dominion that was given you when you were created in His Image and Likeness. Learn the bounds that was put on it and the power released within it.  
2 DVD set $25

  CREATION, the Pattern for Victory over Chaos
8 CD's of how God gave us a pattern to overcome the chaos in our lives and bring divine order and structure. This series is a look into creation events and how it effects our everyday lives.
8 CD set $30

  7 Rounds with Satan
This hilarious message will surely inform you of the tactics Satan uses against us everyday. The Word commands us to be sober or be alert, this to part series will alert you to the dangers of the enemy so you can stand your ground undefeated.
2 CD set $10

  Spiritual Gifts
Learn the tools of the trade as Pastor Donnie teaches about the Spiritual gifts and empowerment of the Holy Spirit. Spiritual Gifts are a part of the Arsenal of the Body of Christ. The gifts are for you, unwrap them today!
6 CD set $25

  The Tabernacle of Moses
This series taught by Pastor Donnie takes you into the tabernacle established in the wilderness by Moses. You will learn about it's structure, furniture, colors and much more plus, how it relates to our Christian life today.
8 CD set $30

This message by Pastor Donnie Hartzog will help you to understand perfection is NOT being perfect, but in God's Word it's defined as being right where God wants you to be. You can be perfect !


  God's Purpose and Plan:
A powerful sermon on God's order for your life. Just as we build by a plan, God has a perfect plan just for you.



This new understanding concerning the church body will open your eyes to see the powerful impact we have for the Kingdom as we work to support and cover each persons back. Titles include: Crime watch neighborhood, Bunches of branches and Many parts. It's the church defined. Every Pastor needs this set in their library of resources and every congregational member needs to hear it. It will change the church of today.    3 Part series  $20.00


   You are a World Overcomer!   NEW!
This powerful DVD message by Rev. Donnie Hartzog will help you to realize you are a world overcomer. God has empowered you to overcome obstacles and hardships in your life, that God might get the glory. Transform your life today with this informative teaching.

   Law of Expectation: Special Price!
Laws are built into our natural life and govern our ways, such as the law of gravity. There are spiritual laws in affect also that if applied to our life will govern our circumstances and create change within our world. Don't miss this 2 part CD.series by Pastor Donnie Hartzog. $8.00

 Birthing Pains:
This DVD message by pastor Donnie Hartzog will help define the timeline fro seed to harvest. Whatever you are in the process of birthing this message will help you to cope until your seed is produced and birthed forth $10.00

  Breaking Chains of Bondage:
In whom the Son sets free is free indeed. This series by Pastor Donnie Hartzog will help you from just being free to the place of free indeed, break the lifelong chains that hold you back!  $15.00

  Maintaining Effective Ministry:
If your beginning in ministry or struggling with issues of ministry, this series will help you understand how to get past the difficulties of ministry. A powerful word from the Lord given by Pastor Donnie Hartzog. A two part series $10.00


  Foundations of Faith:
This 4 part DVD series by Pastor Donnie will teach you about the true foundation of faith. Contrary to teachings, faith is not about belief, for even the demons believe. Learn how true faith can give you a solid foundation for your belief and move the hand of on your behalf      4 DVD's     $25.00

    Remember When...? NEW!
Think back and remember when then pull out of your library of remembrance and receive your miracle today. This a powerful word concerning the ways God initiates miracles will change your life. This DVD message by Pastor Donnie Hartzog don't miss out on it today, request you copy   $10.00


  Knowledge=Grace & Power:
This DVD message by Pastor Donnie Hartzog, will help you understand the value of the knowledge of God and how it will impart grace and power into your everyday life  $10.00


   John 3:16  Special Price!
This message digs deep into the foundations of our faith, the core value upon which we believe and trust. Don't miss out on this special deal only available on DVD $10.00

   Word & Faith  - NEW message! 
A powerful DVD message by pastor Donnie concerning our faith and how we couple it with the Word of God. This relevant, now word message will transform your faith life and wlll change the circumstances that surround you. Don't pass this word up!  

DVD $10   

CD $5   

 Trials Worketh Patience
If your in the midst of a trial today, hold on God has not forgotten about you. If you will with patience endure, you will inherit the promises of God’s Word. Get this message of encouragement by Pastor Donnie Hartzog today, let it minister to your soul. You can endure the trials and obtain the prize. CD $5 Cassette $3  


CD $5  

Cassette $3  

This message will transform your thinking when it comes to persecution. Only when power is displayed does persecution come. When Jesus began to display His power, persecution began!  CD $5, DVD $10


CD $5  

DVD $10  

 World Overcoming Faith
This two part series will stir up a faith in you that will empower you to be a world overcomer. It’s impossible to please God except by faith, become a God pleaser today with this powerful message by pastor Donnie Hartzog. CD’s $8 Cassettes $5



CD's $8  

Cassettes $5  

 Unleashing Angelic Forces
This message gives you the Keys to loose the angelic forces in your life. God has given us ministering spirits to minister to us, the saints. Get your angels working for you! This message by Pastor Donnie will transform your thinking concerning the angelic host in your life.


CD $5  

Cassette $3  

  It’s only a Sign
You ever wonder why fiery trials come our way? Maybe it’s only a sign that God is fixing to do something in your life. This by Pastor Donnie will encourage you in those trials and give you insight about God’s plan for the trials in your life


CD $5  

Cassette $3  

FAITH, Invitation, Revelation, Revolution
You don’t want to miss this two part message about faith. It will transform your thinking and increase your faith to the understanding that ALL things are possible to them that believe. This is a must series for anyone struggling with faith for their miracle or healing


Cassette $3  

2 CD set $10  

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We are so excited to share that you can join us on Sunday mornings for our live broadcast. Join us on Facebook live 10:45 AM (EST) each Sunday morning. Be sure to "Like" our PowerHouse Church page and you will be notified of anytime we are "live". 

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all things ARE possible!


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Monthly Blessing
Monthly Blessing

For any donation of $10 or more, we will send you a copy of this 2 disc message

"Breaking Chains of Bondage"

By Rev Donnie Hartzog.

In whom the Son sets free is free indeed. This series by Pastor Donnie Hartzog will help you from just being free to the place of free indeed, break the lifelong chains that hold you back!. Just click on the donate button on the left of this page to get your copy today!

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